People who don't take action will forever work for those who have decided to become an action takers!

May you emerge today as you learn How to Powerfully Step into Everything that Belongs to You!

This Free training course is designed for the action takers only. You have achieved massive success, producing incredible results in your current full-time career. You have done well but fear has held you back from building a more purpose-filled career doing what you really love and enjoy. You don’t have a money problem, you have a clarity, focus, and strategy problem. You want more joy, harmony, love, peace, and purpose in abundance. You want more time to build meaningful relationships with the people you care about the most. You want to feel less exhausted, more energized, and more fulfilled in your everyday life and not sporadically. You have said countless times, if I only had more time I would own a coffee shop, own a day spa, start a non-profit, write a book, start my business, etc. You have been waiting several years for the "right time" and it doesn't seem the right time has come...because you are scared. Really scared of what will happen if it doesn't succeed. You have the desire, skill and want more confidence and courage to grow your leadership career while starting to build a business using your own gifts, own products, and leveraging your own expertise. In my Free Course "How to Powerfully Step Into Everything that Belongs to You”, You will learn: How to identify exactly where you are in your life, leadership career, and Purpose; How to identify the next step that will progress you forward in your life, leadership career and Purpose; and How to get your specific questions answered about progressing your life, leadership career, and business goals forward. Sign up below for our free course on How to Powerfully Step into Everything that Belongs to You in Your Life, Leadership Career, and Purpose. This free course delivers great value and principles that will last a lifetime.


Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Nikita Lawrence

Nikita Lawrence, Executive Mentor, Best-selling Author, and Keynote Speaker is the founder and CEO of Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC and The Wealth Leadership Academy. Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC is a personal and professional development agency, specializing in consulting, training, and coaching for professional women who want to align their career with their calling to achieve greater joy and fulfillment in their life and work. The company's vision is to serve as the premier Professional Development Service provider to which clients access solutions and systems for mentoring women in leadership and developing a pipeline for diverse talent to ascend to the highest levels of leadership in the organization; narrowing the Wage and Wealth Gap. Her company focuses on helping clients grow their emotional wealth, leadership acumen, and business acumen, while growing the relationships they treasure the most. Nikita says of her work, "My focus in any client relationship is to help leaders remove obstacles, step over fear, use their special gift, and reach the peak of their potential, making a true difference in their world." As a consultant and leadership expert she is a thought leader and mentor to many. Her newest Best-Selling book entitled, “The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber”, is a catalyst that aids readers in unlocking their own gateway to destiny, wealth, and success by systematically creating the blueprint to uncover the identity, purpose, and vision for their lives. In her spare time, Nikita enjoys baking cupcakes with her daughter, making music with her husband, singing, laughing and spending time with family and friends. "Everyone has been born with a very special and unique gift. When that gift is discovered, nurtured and cultivated, its power to change the world becomes undeniable. We must all decide to discover and use our gifts to honor our creator and create global impact that helps to make our world a better place." Nikita Lawrence