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Making money with your Gifts and pursuing purpose can be simple, easy and fun for you too! We get it, we get you, and we are holding space for you.

This is your confirmation! Now is your time to build your next level-dream life, career, and business. The truth is that your gift, talent, education, and certifications alone won't make you successful or give you that quality of life you've always wanted... Clarity, Strategy, Training, and Mentorship will. I've learned during my life and business career helping management professionals that we don't master what we will not seek mentorship and training in. I know you've been blessed with an incredible gift, and immense talent. I also know that gift hasn't given you access into all the rooms you were designed to have influence in, before now. You know you're smart, brilliant, and already successful. We both know there's more work for you to do, only this time you want to build something that's meaningful, that you can call your own...something that aligns to your God-given purpose and is not any conflict with your Faith. We both know you want more time freedom, emotional freedom, and lifestyle flexibility to spend more time, energy, and resources doing what you love and with who you love. The Wealth Leadership Lab for Women was created Specifically with you in mind. There's space for you here. Join us for 5 power-packed, highly interactive days of training and strategy designed to teach you how to clarify your expertise, better monetize your expertise, and pursue your life purpose, all while working full-time, being a loving wife, nurturing mom, and just maybe an exhausted woman. In my full time management career in retail and hospitality, I've trained and/or mentored thousands of management professionals and have learned what it takes to move your life, career, and business forward. You can do it without burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm. We can pull all the parts of you together to craft a simple plan that allows you to experience true fulfillment- and not just in one area. You can have fun, make money, grow meaningful relationships, and impact people at the highest levels. You just need clarity, strategy, and training. This week- Let's grow together. The key to unlocking the future you desire and deserve no longer has to be the best kept secret for you. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we will issue you a full refund, so this opportunity is 100% risk free for you!


During this Highly Interactive, High-Impact Virtual Coaching Experience, you will receive:

 5 Days of Instructor Lead Training- Immediate Access
(Value $15,000) 
 Where you will learn her step by step method to Clarifying Your Expertise, Better Monetizing Your Expertise, and Enjoying an Elevate Quality of Life while Pursuing Your Life Purpose. 

Wealth Leadership Lab for Women Workbook 
(Value $997)

This downloadable PDF workbook was designed to be your clarity activation  tool during this event and beyond! 

PLUS These 5 Exclusive  Bonuses  

Weekly Office Hours to get your questions answered Live from Nikita

(Value $25,000)

When you sign up today, you will also receive weekly office hours with Nikita to get all of your specific questions answered up to one year.

Masterclass: How to Package Your Product or Service Using Your Gifts Today

(Value $12,000)

When you sign up today, you will also receive an invitation to this week’s live masterclass to package your product or service in one day and get all of your specific questions answered.

The Winning Blueprint Masterclass
(Value $2,997)

When you sign up today, you will receive access to The Winning Blueprint Masterclass, Valued at $2,997, at Zero additional cost to you!

The New Year Purpose and Business Integration Plan  
(Value $997)

When you sign up today, you will receive access to your one year planning roadmap to fully map out your own personal and business goals and tasks!

The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber, Volume One E-Book 
(Value $24.99)

Total Value:  $57,015.99
Your Investment: $10,000 ($9,000 full payment) 

You Save: $47,015.99


Here's Your Agenda


"The Winning Blueprint Masterclass"

The Winning Blueprint Masterclass is designed to provide a solid foundation and framework to aid your mindset shift as you enter your live coaching experience. Your will learn how to think more expansively about opportunities available to you in business that you may not have previously considered, and also receive tools to aid your growth. 

Day 1:

 "Clarifying Your Vision"

During day one, we will clarify your vision, purpose, dreams, and desires in life and business. You will learn how to become more clear about who you are, what you want, and how you desire to life and work, moving forward. 

Day 2: 

"Clarifying Your Expertise"

During day two, we will clarify your gifts, expertise, how you serve others, and your highest professional objectives. You will learn how to define your expertise and the results you create for others.  

Day 3: 

"Monetizing Your Expertise"

During day three, we will explore new ways to monetize your expertise that have been untapped. You will learn how to better monetize your expertise as you deliver high value to others in business. 

Day 4: 

"Pursuing Your Life Purpose"

During day four, we will explore the purpose behind your business, and the essentials to pursuing life purpose while building a business. You will learn how to quantify your goals to create alignment in your life and business. 

Day 5: 

"Putting It All Together, Next Steps " 

During day five, we will bring it all together, creating a strategic plan and identifying gaps so that you can thoughtfully solidify next steps, maximizing your learning and implementation moving forward in your life and business goals.  

Are you ready to clarify and better monetize your expertise while pursuing your life purpose?

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Founder, Leadership Consultant and Women's Business Coach

Nikita Lawrence

Nikita Lawrence is a Leadership Development Expert, Bestselling Author, and Women’s Business Coach. Her company, Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises is a personal and professional development company, providing consulting, training, and coaching to leadership professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want to clarify their gifts/expertise, better monetize their expertise, and pursue their life’s purpose with an encouraging, inspiring global community of like-minded, Faith-filled executives and entrepreneurs. Lawrence uses her background as a high-performing manager in Corporate America, coaching and developing thousands of leaders in a Human Resources Management role and expert problem solving skills to help women overcome the challenges that hinder their progress and sabotage their growth in business. Before starting her company, Lawrence observed a devastating gap with representation of women of color in leadership at the highest levels, and an overall a lack of training, coaching and development. She embarked on a mission to make an impact in business, specifically with women. Lawrence is a wife, working mom, International Bestselling author, certified executive coach and has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and many other publications.

In a matter of only 2 hours, to have the capacity to completely transform our very paradigm of thinking, you are certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Ashley and Jabari Deshields, Insurance Agency Owners, The Legendary Group

In a matter of only 2 hours, to have the capacity to completely transform our very paradigm of thinking, you are certainly a force to be reckoned with! Working with Nikita has been a total mind blowing and life shaping experience. The wisdom she shares is something that will continue to positively affect our life and business for many years to come. Her genuine approach and caring adherence to each of her client’s specific needs is what sets her apart from other coaches. Giving us a step-by-step strategy was like stepping into the office of a prophetic physician, and receiving a practical prescription to bring our lives to a place of wholeness. The restructuring we have begun to implement following our sessions has brought immediate results, and we are forever grateful!"

Still wondering if Wealth Leadership Lab for Women Right For You?

Are you a smart, sharp, skilled professional woman who is ready to clarify her next level of success in life and business? 

Are you seeking clarity about how to connect all the dots with your ideas, gifts, career background, and God-given vision for the future?

Do you dream of one day having a clear sense of your highest skill or expertise, or how to convey it confidently to others to make what you are really worth?

Do you want to think with a deeper dimension of clarity, strategy, leadership and execution than you’ve ever experienced before?

Do you value growth, encouragement, and accountability in a community of like-minded women executives and entrepreneurs?

If you've answered yes to any of the questions listed above, YES, Wealth Leadership Lab for Women was CREATED for women just like YOU! 

Are you ready to clarify and better monetize your expertise while pursuing your life purpose?

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I would love to attend another Wealth Leadership Lab Conference!

Shamira Tate, Entrepreneur MVP T-Shirt and Vinyl

The conference was excellent!! I really enjoyed myself. A lot of gifts that were doormat were awakened. The content was good and Nikita knew when to pull out more from people. The time flew by and I would love to return to another conference. The price was great for the knowledge that was given. Thanks so much for everything, I truly appreciate you!

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